Jimmy Meatballs Food Truck


Korean BBQ Pork Ball – I can’t for the life of me, remember what this was. But it had a sweet sauce, slaw beneath, crunchies on top and it just WORKED! It’s the perfect blend of savory and sweet.


Sesame Ginger Pork Ball- Pork broiled and tossed in homemade sweet soy glaze, topped with cream cheese. You can skip this ball. The cream cheese on top just isn’t right. Overall, the flavor here is TOO sweet. That’s not to say the taste isn’t, good, just that you can do better.

I recommend you try this truck! Get I’d get a sampler, which comes with 3 meatballs, then live a little and try out more of Jimmy’s selections. It should be an interesting lunch!

Of Note:

  • Don’t have your heart set on one thing. It’s a food truck, not a fully staffed restaurant. Stuff breaks down unexpectedly and sometimes they’re out of items. Have in mind a few things you want to try, that way you’re not too disappointed if they don’t have something.