Miguels Mexican Seafood Restaurant and Grill


I have the GRILLED chicken burrito with yellow rice and refried beans. I love this burrito! So much so, that I have a hard time ordering anything else. Make sure you pay the extra $2 for grilled chicken. It makes a HUGE difference.

Overall, I highly recommend Miguel’s. I’ve been with multiple friends and they’ve never disliked anything there. If you’re a Taco Bell eater though, this place is not for you. Me and my bestie always have a $50 tab when we eat there.


  • Try their house margarita. It’s the cheapest one and the best tasting!
  • Stay away from those damn chips and salsa! Anybody will tell you that chips and salsa are just a fat ass calorie bomb waiting to happen at Mexican restaurants. Well, it’s even worse here. Their salsa recipe is on point! It’s like you just go on auto pilot and then they’re placing a second basket of chips in front of you and a third batch of salsa. Just terrible!

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