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jackbrad-wideYou ever wake up, get dressed and walk out the door feeling like Brad Pitt, just to pass by a mirror and see you’re looking more like Jack Nicholson? That shit just happened to me this morning. Freaking Mondays.


pope_francisPope Francis has given priests the right to forgive abortions. This just happened in 2016. Before this year, I guess you just drowned in a pool of your own shame, guilt, and regret. If ever there was a religion to wrap you in the weight of your own inadequacies, it’s Catholicism. It’s a wonder every serial killer hasn’t been a Catholic. Can you imagine living your whole life without forgiveness? That’s enough to drive someone mad.



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What do you think about Melania Trump  delaying moving into the White House? Apparently she likes Barron’s private school and doesn’t want to disrupt his year. You know, I’ve decided not to make a fuss about that. Plenty of parent’s have chosen to live in, and not move, from a neighborhood because of the school system. Still, I have to ask you to consider a world where you are so rich that living in the White House is a downgrade. Then, I have to ask you to imagine a world where you’re NOT so proud and excited to live in the White House, that you’re willing to disrupt your kids school year.

Speaking of the Trump’s, I wish they’d take away Donald’s Twitter. As a matter of fact, every time he tweets, I wish Twitter didn’t exist, period. Thanks to social media, we’re all in each others heads. I’m telling you my thoughts right now! No wonder the world seems so much worse off. People are crazy as hell!



Speaking of crazy … It’s been three days since they took back Myrtle, my $3,000 vacuum cleaner. I must confess I feel nothing but relief. The last thing I needed was another bill. One of the things I discuss with my therapist are the ways I cope with my emotions. High on the list are food and alcohol, followed by shopping. When I left my last session, I really felt like I’d made progress, but Myrtle shows that, I still have real work to do in therapy.

May she rest in peace though. Gone but never forgotten. Myrtle Moore. 11/15/2016-11/18/2016.

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