Monday’s Blurbs …

I’m going to suck it up and see “Get Out.” The way my anxiety is set up though, I had to have someone close to me see it first. Thank God I live with one of my besties. Right after she saw the movie, I grilled her on it. She approved my watching, but suggested I have a cocktail in the beginning. Chile … she had me at cocktail! 😉

This weekend I got my ass WHUPPED in Scrabble. I mean, WHUPPED. And she was drunk. And she’s not a drinker. And she beat me TWICE. I have never experienced such blatant disregard for my intelligence, nor have I ever been eviscerated by anyone on my own board the way I’ve done others. It reminded me of how I feel whenever I play my Uncle Patrick in chess. Just trying, but barely catching up. I looked up and she was giving me encouragement and positive reinforcement and saying “good job” when I made a smart move. How humbling. Good lord, I really enjoy that woman!

I have truly enjoyed the #SHEther beef. Not just because I’m a huge Remy Ma fan, but because it’s good for women in rap. I’m not really mad at Nicki Minaj, but Remy definitely spoke on everything I take issue with. Nicki hasn’t changed the game for any female rap artists, she’s done more for pop than hip hop, and I swear she only raps on someone else’s song. That shit is tired. Personally, if I were Nicki, I wouldn’t respond. She’s sitting on an image problem. She’s gotten famous around this created brand and it’s imprisoned her. Meanwhile, Remy is free, raw and uncut. Everyone already knows she was in prison and she’s currently on a reality show with her husband. At this point, what can she say about Remy that’s going blow anyone’s mind? And unlike her, Remy isn’t famous enough for anyone to care about the tea, anyway. Nicki needs to shut up and release a dope album. The white people will take her back.

I love my niece, but ain’t nothing like taking her home and sitting on my couch, alone, to decompress. I don’t know how single parents do it. Kids suck up so much energy. When we left the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, I felt like I needed a nap. While I look forward to possibly being a parent, one day, I’m glad that day isn’t today. And I most definitely don’t plan to do it alone.

All I can do is shake my head about that nonsense at the Oscars. You mean to tell me, when the Academy FINALLY gets it right and awards a movie that’s touching, diverse, current, and deserving, they manage to screw it up and give the award to their usual tone deaf choice, first??? Bruhhhh! That show is even more tired than Nicki Minaj! But shoutout to Moonlight. It really was a beautiful movie.

I can count on one hand how many women I’ve gotten to know slowly. I’m talking about where I didn’t follow my gut or a “feeling” I had and simply spent time with someone and learned their likes and dislikes over time. Something strictly platonic where there was no interest in doing anything other than figuring them out. Looking back though, those are the only people that still hold a place in my heart. Shaq Diesel loves everybody, but Shaquea is only close to a small circle. Isn’t it funny how we compartmentalize life?

I’m digging 2017 yall. I think this is my year. I’m really getting things right! I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER!

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