Monday’s Blurbs …

I was so hell bent on getting myself some eclipse glasses and now I’m seriously contemplating never leaving my house. Sometimes you expend so much energy on the chase that you lose interest in the prize.

I love television. I often meet people who “don’t own a tv” or make a big deal of being outside with nature. Don’t ask me why these people are drawn to me, but they often are. Anyways, I totally support their dislike of tv and being a couch potato, but I refuse to join them. Television is cool. Writing is cool. I love storylines and disappearing into fantasy lands. If I die on my couch binge watching a show, I won’t have a single regret. Embrace what you like folks, and make no apologies for it!

Over the weekend I had some huge breakthroughs. About heartbreak, my finances, and who I want to be in life. They say the eclipse ushers in change. I think they are right. I’ve got some things on the horizon. I hope it turns out exactly the way I want.

Rest in Power Dick Gregory. We keep losing greats. Who will take their place?

I attended an Earth, Wind & Fire concert this weekend. My boss had an extra ticket since her husband had to leave town. They were attending the concert with their neighbors, so I joined them. Of the three, my boss was the youngest person at age 58. That was the best concert experience I’ve ever had. We carpooled with the neighbors to Pappadeux for dinner before the concert. They had a comfortable, plush leather interior Lexus and we listened to a smooth jazz/reggae/Spanish mix of artists I’d never heard of before. Over a comfortable dinner of delicious seafood, we enjoyed a cocktail and discussed music, family dynamics, and good food. Then we parked in a lot near the venue and sat down in comfortable, plush chair seats close to the stage. What followed was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Every song was a hit, the stage was full of real musicians playing instruments, all of the singers sang live and everyone still sounds AMAZING!

As we drove home, it hit me that never again would I feel afraid of growing old. Everything really does get better in time. I enjoyed myself with those older folks. I want to be just like them some day.

Speaking of Earth, Wind & Fire, I love their song “Reasons.” Actually, I think everyone in the world does. It’s like, the greatest love song ever … it isn’t. Reasons is about a one night stand. Who knew?! See, don’t you just love old school music? They were so subtle and knew how to make every song sound about love. Songwriting has really gone into the shitter. These days the “hoes aint loyal.”

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day to be alive. Every day is!


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