Monday’s Blurbs …

JebThis is my favorite meme today. I can’t stop laughing. Oh Internet!

I am not leaving America if Trump becomes President. Our people were raped, beat, and slaughtered to make America successful. This is my country and I intend to admire the fruits of my ancestors tortured labor until the day I die! How many of you are managing to empathize with, or be kind to, or maintain relationships with someone that thinks Beyonce’s performance, #BlackLivesMatter, and kids like Tamir Rice are what’s “wrong” with our country? Being black will never be easy in America, but we are equipped for this! And what makes you think any president will ever improve our plight? How many of you have felt relief after 8 years with a black man? No one will improve your lot, but you. So yes, you can leave, but the cost (renouncing your citizenship ain’t free) of fleeing could very well be reinvested into yourself, your local community, or your children. Wake up, step up, own your power, and claim your birthright!

On a less serious note, my girlfriend snuck and made a video of me standing naked, wrapped in a beach towel while singing “Miss Celie’s Blues (Sister)” from the Color Purple. No, you can never see the video. Enjoy the actual scene from the movie above. Hmph. Anyways, my girlfriend loves my version, meanwhile, after watching it two or three times, I’m not even sure why she loves ME. Yes, I look and sound that bad. She wears glasses though …

Speaking of my girlfriend, I recently explained the research to her proving that firstborn children tend to have a better rate of success, whether they deserve it or not. Puts me in the mind of the Bush family. I’ve always thought that of all of them, Jeb would’ve been the better president, but homie was just too far down the line. Bet he cried real tears.

I’ve recently completed a freelance job and now I’m waiting on payment. These moments always remind me why I haven’t left Corporate America. Sure, I’ll start a business one day. You gonna run it and get me my damn money?!

There are flowers blooming in my yard. I didn’t even know I had flowers. This life, it will surprise you if you let it.

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