My First Blog Gift!


So my bestie, Mo, calls me this afternoon and says she’s coming over to pick up her charger. This fool always leaves something at my house, so I think nothing of it. How about, this evening when she arrived, I opened up the door and she stepped into the house with this gift bag! All to celebrate me finally releasing my blog!


Even sweeter: She came into the house apologizing because the gift was “so small”. Then she went on and on about how this wasn’t her “pay week.” I just couldn’t even process that. To me, any gift is a joyous occasion. Hell, I had birthdays as a kid when I didn’t get a gift, so to receive one simply because I want to talk on the internet?! AMAZING!

I love Mo like the Klumps love a free buffet on Easter Sunday!

PS: I drank the Disaronno. She drank Ciroc. We split the cupcake. If the gift can eaten or drank, it must be consumed immediately. That’s a written rule. If you don’t know it, get yo life!