Nude Nite Was Pretty Cool!


I know I’m late posting this, but rather late than never. Nude Nite was awesome! It was $20 to get in and I quite enjoyed that. The price kept the riffraff out. Plus, once you see all of the art on display, you totally understand the price. From live art and performances, to paintings and people walking around in costume, it is truly an experience.


I won’t go on and on about the show, you need to go pay your own $20! But I DEFINITELY recommend it! The show comes once a year, so be there or be square in 2014.

Check out their website:


PS: In case you haven’t figured it out by now, this show has nudity. Man, I sure did see a lot of boobies! So yeah, if you’re highly offended by that, perhaps this show and it’s artwork is not for you. Personally speaking, I think you ought to go anyway. Seeing a little bit of ass aint never hurt nobody! Support the arts! Support the strippers!