President Trump


By now, I imagine acceptance has set in that Donald Trump is our president. Fortunately, I’ve prepared myself. After the Bernie fiasco, I knew we were headed for trouble, and by the time the debates were coming to an end, it seemed clear that even those rejecting Trump’s rhetoric weren’t prepared to embrace Clinton.

Actually, even Democrats struggled to embrace Clinton. How many of us voted for Bernie? Even the traditionally staunch and dependable black community showed trepidation. Black Twitter trending #GirlIGuessImWithHer said it all. Hillary Clinton faced a country wanting something new, especially after 8 years with a Democratic president, and what she brought to the table was an old name and nothing inspiring. Her years of experience were overshadowed by the years of having actually experienced her.

I must admit I’m curious to see what Trump does. After two terms of a very politically correct and stunted President Obama, it’ll be quite the spectacle to see someone at work that gives zero fucks and is accompanied by a House and Senate controlled by his own party. I guess he’s like the Republicans Bullworth with favorable conditions.

On a sunnier note, the local results are in for Georgia. My county overwhelmingly voted against Trump, we got the homestead tax (yay!), and the governor won’t get his hands on the schools. Overall, the election wasn’t a total bust, as it is the local elections that most affect my day-to-day life.

Currently, I only have a real fear of losing the right to marry. I do believe it’s something a Trump presidency would delight in dismantling. Then again, there are so many other things he can take down that I’m hopeful marriage is spared. Perhaps that wall and abortion and health care will keep him busy. And, should he indeed tackle marriage equality, I find solace in knowing that currently, no one wants to marry me anyway. Nor can I afford a wedding.

Overall though, I’m prepared to weather the next four years with my usual “agree to disagree” attitude. This is where black people hold the advantage after a disappointing election. We are professionals at the “pretend it’s okay and get through the work day” dance. Should you ever need a visual, simply watch for the pleasantly bland look that will appear upon my face the next time someone begins to extol the virtues of Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

So I guess that’s it. Bills are still due and life has to go on, so I’m going to keep moving forward.


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