Saturday’s Blurbs… Feb. 16, 2013


I’m 16 days into my alcohol cleanse and I find that I’m not really missing alcohol. It’s not because I don’t want to drink, it’s just that I know this cleanse won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying the health affects of abstaining. I think I’ll do a cleanse twice a year. It feels good. Check me out above with the Raging Bull. A non-alcoholic drink at Bar Louie. My coworkers just drank around me. Just insensitive! Hahaha!

I am so fuckin gorgeous. I was looking at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t help making that observation, nor could I help sharing it. *Kissing myself on my non-existent bicep.*

I’m watching Glee. I want to kick Emma in the face. If you watch, you feel me. Also, this episode is the SHIT!

I recently went out and had a great time with a woman. I was reminded of what I love about dating: meeting new people, laughing and enjoying someone’s company. I think I’ve missed it. So if you know someone single and nice (And employed, lol, ya’ll already know!) tell her I said hellooooo! *wink wink* Shaquea is ready for looovveee!!!

Oral Fixation is next week. I know Sheree (the host) is gonna make me read, but I don’t have anything new. Currently, I’m very happy…and I have writers block. I really want to become a person that can write from a happy place, instead of a place of angst, but it clearly ain’t happening anytime soon. Shit.

According to, the world is one fucked up place…but if you ask me, there’s plenty of joy as well. I know because I’m feeling it, and while I can’t speak for tomorrow, today is indeed a good fuckin day. So hopefully, you’re having a good day too.

Happy Saturday! Drink a cocktail for me! (It’s noon already, so it’s okay. Mmmhmm.)