Shells Casual Seafood – Fowler Avenue


This was one of the places Mo took me during my birthday week. I love my bestie!

I had the Dungeness Crab legs, parsley potatoes and steamed broccoli. This was my first time having Dungeness crab legs. I usually have snow crab legs. While they were good, I prefer snow crabs and will stick to them.

I recommend you try Shells if you’re looking for seafood in Temple Terrace. Yes, there are nicer seafood places to visit, but Shells will definitely hit the spot if you’re looking for something quick and more casual.

Also on the table: The crab cakes (the sauce is so good!), Shrimp Godfather Pasta and the Salmon Felix. I found myself pulling a little bit of food from both of my friends plates. Shells surprised me with some good food!

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