Some online dating profiles are a hot ass mess!

I’m an online dater and some of the profiles that I see never fail to make me laugh out loud or shake my head in disgust. The crap people put up on their profile is just unbelievable! I’ve seen people with no clothes on, with dirty clothes on, with ridiculous expressions on their face or throwing up gang signs or flicking off the camera and even standing in dirty bathrooms and kitchens. It just blows my mind that people would want to present themselves that way.

Today though, I may have found my favorite photo: A woman with a ghetto hairstyle, sitting at a bus stop, holding a black and mild with talon nails and smiling with gold teeth. All that was missing from the photo is the kids she talks about having on her profile. LMAOOOOOO! I’ve seen worse, don’t get me wrong, but man, I swear it was like I was on Bankhead in Atlanta or on the Southside of Kalamazoo all over again!