Sometimes it Bodes Well to Remember Your Own Advice


When it comes to restaurants and entertainment venues, I’ve pretty much sworn off Groupon, Living Social and all of those other deal sites. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the deal. Shaquea loves a deal. It’s just that, I want to purchase the deals and use them at my leisure. Instead, I’m always scrambling to use them before they expire. I just had one expire on me the other day! That shit is for the birds.

Anyways, I had a deal to use at a bar/restaurant near my home that expired this week. No lie, I spent about 20 minutes puzzling over who to invite, feeling upset because I didn’t know “more single people” on my side of South Tampa and cursing out Mo for needing 3 hours to get ready to go anyplace. Finally, as I sat there mumbling about how difficult all of this was, it occurred to me that I could just go alone.

DUH! I just recently wrote a post about the importance of alone time! So how was I suddenly acting just like those needy people in my post?!

Furthermore, I NEEDED to sit down for air. Lately, I’ve been so busy I can’t think straight. And I’d been dying to start reading the book I got for my birthday.

So tonight, I used the deal all on myself. I ordered one of the most expensive entrees on the menu, got myself a glass of wine, relaxed on the deck outside of the restaurant and started my book.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Social butterflies must remember to relax their wings. Every day aint a damn party.

LESSON LEARNED: Knowing I need to do something does not always ensure that I will remember and/or act accordingly. I am a work in progress.