Sundays Blurbs… Nov. 10, 2013


Good Morning! Today, I do not feel burdened by anything, as I am just grateful that I’m not in the Philippines. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by some issue or personal problem, just think…at least your city didn’t get hit by a typhoon. This is not to say that your problems aren’t serious or overwhelming. This is just to say, you could have those problems AND be buried beneath the rubbage of a typhoon. Or even worse, dead from that typhoon. Perspective people. Shit or Fertilizer!

JamJarThis morning, I’m on my way to church. I figure, if I can drink wine all Saturday night with my cousin, I can take some communion wine on Sunday morning. This is progress. It used to be my goal to drink a ton of wine ON Sunday. I’m so mature. Okay, well, not entirely. Don’t put me on the maturity high horse just yet. I’m staying with my aunt and uncle during my relocation to Georgia and they’re active in the church, so I go too. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That’s a little tidbit from my grandma. She used to say it to me when I was 16 and I wanted to punch her in the head. Now, I think grandma is a genius.

Getting a passport expedited is probably a huge money maker for the post office. Folks are so paranoid about waiting for the mail and the rumors are always “It can take a month for it to arrive,” so people tend to over think it. Well, unless you need your passport within a week, I’m here to tell you expediting is a waste of money. I paid for my passport on October 29 and received it on November 9. That wasn’t even two weeks!


I want to see two movies: 12 Years a Slave and The Best Man Holiday. I mentioned this to my friend in Georgia. She declined on 12 Years A Slave. Can’t say I blame her. It’s bound to be depressing. It got me to thinking though, about my life in Tampa. There, I’d done a good job of amassing a group of friends that were interested in the same intellectual dialogue, disputes, protests, issues and events as myself. Even if we didn’t go to something, we at least TALKED about it. Having left them behind, I have come to see just how priceless our interactions were and I’m truly grateful for the years I had with them. And eagerly anticipating replicating that group of friends in Atlanta. You can’t go see a movie like 12 Years A Slave alone. There’s just too much to talk about.

I’m sitting here writing this and it’s occurring to me that if I don’t wrap it up, I’ll be late to church. This thought probably should remind me of how I have a punctuality problem. Instead, it’s a reminder that I really am a writer. I got stuff to say. I love this blog. Shoutout to Sheree L. Greer for pushing me to start it. You helped me reinvent a corner of my life man!

Happy Sunday! I know somebody momma cooking. Go eat at somebody momma house!

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