Thanksgiving 2012 – Remembering to Be Grateful

Today, my cousin called me from Jail. He’s waiting before being transferred to prison. For $9.99, I got a 5 minute call. Towards the end, we couldn’t say “I love you” fast enough.

One of the things that stood out to me about that call, was how much the little things mattered. He couldn’t wait to get to prison, because there, he could email me. This way, I’d get his letters faster than in the mail. He was so excited about it. So thankful we’d have that opportunity. It was then, that I knew what I was grateful for.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful that I was able to pay for that 5 minute phone call. I’m grateful that I was able to tell my cousin I love him. I was grateful to hear him say it to me. And most importantly, I was grateful that I was not in his situation.

I’m grateful that I was able to make better decisions. And I’m grateful that, despite bad decision making, there is always room for forgiveness. I’m grateful for love.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Eat well and be merry!