The Best Country Music Album…EVER!


Are you a country music fan? No? Don’t feel bad. Neither was I. But the album above changed that.

I believe that if you’re open minded, which I am, every music genre is ripe for the picking. All you need to do is to make contact with a person that absolutely loves a certain genre, and as such, will help you wade through the crap to the good stuff.

Enter my boss.

My boss is serious about country music. She went to the Kenny Chesney concert where they had like, 1 billionnnnnn people there! (Okay, it was more like 48k or something, but that’s still a lot!) She also went and sat in a smoky bar for hours to win concert tickets from a radio station. I don’t even remember what singer it was for. I was too busy laughing at her as she told the story. Basically, she’s cuckoo for country. (Hahaha…did I really just type that?! Lame!)

Now I’ve been working with my boss for almost 5 years now and we never much discussed music. It’s just in the past year that it’s come up so often. I can’t even remember how it started, all I know is, out of nowhere, this woman had me listening to Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, The Band Perry, Luke Bryan (her favorite) and you guessed it…Jason Aldean!

Let me tell you something: Jason Aldean is a country thug! It’s not a game. Dude got a country rap song! And it’s dope!

I remember thinking that the only country song I’d be able to listen to non-stop was Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”. Now, I’ve got a whole cd! “My Kinda Party” is excellent from start to finish. Just put it on and let it play.

In the past year I’ve listened to more of Jason Aldean’s music. I’m currently working my way through “Night Train” and while I have a few favorites on there, nothing…from any country artist…will ever compare to “My Kinda Party”. It was my first. The album that made me a believer in country music.

I fucks with Jason Aldean.

2 thoughts on “The Best Country Music Album…EVER!

  1. Jason is hot…My girl loves Luke Bryan (i recently got her tickets for our 1 yr anniversary to go)…and yes she’s black. When you scroll through her ipod and her computer…it’s nothing but country. She has me wondering at times if she really is black…but then i look at her mom and know…yes she is.

    But in dating her..i’ve grown my country love … it was really only Tim McGraw…who i’ve had a crush on since I was 10-ish…well that was 20+ years ago…and now i’ve expanded my likes….Jason is one, Luke Bryan (certain songs), Jake Owen (who is not too bad on the eyes…especially in person), brad paisley…well i could go on..but you get the point. its not too bad

    • Ohhh…my boss would shit a brick if she got some Luke Bryan tickets. Lol, she might love that man more than her husband!

      Man, I know alot of white people that won’t listen to country. It really does have, like, it’s own subculture or something. Jason definitely made me a believer though. Good music is good music. You just have to get introduced to it.

      Can’t do Mr. Paisley though. After that craptastic song with LL Cool J, I’m just good on him. More than enough artists out there…will save my money!

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