The Cinebistro in Hyde Park


I got the chicken burger with Avocado, sweet potato fries and the Butterbeer alcoholic cocktail.

All of the food was good and I recommend it if you visit the Cinebistro. Keep in mind though, this is not gourmet food, so don’t walk in expecting the best food on earth. It does taste good though and the movie will distract you enough from comparing it to the finest gourmet.

I also recommend the Butterbeer cocktail. It was sweet, tasty and still had enough alcohol in it to make you smile. You’ll drink it fast and enjoy it.


  • There is also a Cinebistro in Wesley Chapel, but I recommend the one in Hyde Park. It is a stand alone structure, so you don’t have to worry about the crazy crowds or kids. Plus, you can explore Hyde Park Village before or after your movie. Perfect for a date night.
  • Don’t worry about parking if you can’t find a spot behind Cinebistro. There are two parking decks for Hyde Park Village customers. One in front of Cinebistro and another on either Rome or Snow. I forget which it is. If you have someone older with you, just let them off in front of the movie theater, then park and walk.
  • Prepare yourself for the sticker shock. The movie ticket, food and one drink cost about $40 for one person.
  • Go in and reserve your seats early or grab it online, if possible. The seats are couple style, but sometimes a person visits alone and that can throw off seating. As such, you can possibly end up not getting a seat next to whomever you’re with. Something to think about if it’s a weekend and you’re seeing a new release.