The day a squirrel made Tampa a Third World Country – Feb 23, 2013.

Eurasian red squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris (2 years)

I’m headed to a friend’s house in St. Pete, later today, so that I can take a shower. I’ve been out on my bike twice today and I feel disgusting.

Apparently the water in Tampa is contaminated. A squirrel chewed through a line at the water plant and possibly ruined our water supply. Or at least, that’s the ridiculous storyline they’re feeding us.

It’s like I’m some kind of inner city freaking refugee. Cups of fresh water are all around my place so I can use them to clean my hands or wipe something down and I’m offering water out of my jugs to friends.

As of this moment, the city of Tampa can kiss my ass! And I’m ready to fuck up a squirrel!