The Manhattan Dolce Bar and Bistro – South Tampa


I’m split on recommending this place. It’s fun for drinks and listening to terrible, live music with your homegirls, but their food, and it’s high prices, has not impressed me. I don’t mind spending my money, but for what they’re charging, the food should be better.

I had the gorgonzola filet medallions: An 8 oz. filet medallion with a port wine demi, topped with gorgonzola cheese and served with chive & goat cheese mash potatoes and asparagus.

Sounds pretty tasty right? Well, it wasn’t. Not incredibly. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars. The problem here was the steak. It was just bland and didn’t have much flavor. I wanted to take out a seasoning pack! The mashed potatoes were pretty blah as well. The asparagus was fantastic, of course, but isn’t it always? Overall this food reminded me of a steak meal at Applebee’s. Passable, but you’ll never order it again.

Actually, the best part of this meal was the wine. I had the Cabernet Sauvignon, Mars & Venus, Chile. Was pretty good and I’ll probably seek out a bottle of it in Total Wine & More. In the past I’ve also had the “Bustling Berry” cocktail. It’s the one with Red Berry Ciroc. It’s $11 of delicious that you can make better, and stronger at home. Still, worth buying if you want to purchase a girly cocktail.

This place is located on El Prado. It’s on the quieter side of South Tampa, not far from the Gandy Bridge. Expect to spend $15-50 depending on what you purchase.