The Refinery in Seminole Heights


I had the Brined Porkchop, biscuit and bok choy with bacon.

The food was good, but it wasn’t my favorite. I don’t think I got the best menu. The menu changes weekly at the restaurant, so you never know what you’ll get. I was so excited to go, (and finally had reservations after being turned away at the door once) so I just chose what sounded interesting on the menu. Next time, I’ll wait til it’s something I really want.

Despite the “okay” rating I gave my food, I recommend that everyone visit this restaurant at least once. I hear that when it’s magical, it’s MAGICAL! And if you don’t get that magical experience, at least you can still say you went.

For two people, expect a $50 bill, less if you don’t drink. But gosh…who can turn down the delicious craft beer selections they have?!


  • GET A RESERVATION. You can try to walk in, but I’ve never heard of anyone that pulled that off. They’re having their moment in the sun right now and this place is popular! I’ve been turned away at the door before and I watched it happen to multiple folks on the night I had a reservation. It’s really easy to make a reservation on their website, so just do it.
  • Allow time in your schedule to eat. Food is prepared when you arrive, so you don’t get out of here fast. That’s a good thing though, so take advantage and visit with someone you want to talk to. Then listen carefully, cause it gets loud in there!
  • If it’s a chilly night, try not to get seated by the door. They try to leave it open all night and it can get drafty. My seat was by the door and my poor date shivered a few times.