The “Stand Your Ground” Law Needs to be 20 Feet Under the Ground

Stand Your Ground Trevor Dooley Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman ShaqWorld.comI pulled this photo from the Tampa Bay Times site. Click it to read the story of Trevor Dooley’s conviction.

Above is Trevor Dooley. He was convicted of manslaughter in the death of David James after the “Stand Your Ground” law was rejected in his defense. Read more here: No Stand Your Ground for 71 Year Old Florida Man

What I can’t understand, is how George Zimmerman was able to use “Stand Your Ground” but Trevor Dooley wasn’t. Legally speaking, how did they both not have that right? After all, they booth stood their ground. As ridiculous as their ground was.

Now folks, this is how people get to screaming racism. This law never seems to apply in defense of the black people. Get out of your feelings, shut out the race talk and then tell me that isn’t suspicious. Still not enough? Okay, check out this case: No Right for African American Woman To Stand Her Ground

Still not enough? Okay, read this: White people who kill black people in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states are 354 per cent more likely to be cleared of murder.

I’ve got one more for you. Our very own Tampa Bay Times did an investigation on the law in 2012.  See it here: Tampa Bay Times – Stand Your Ground Law. They also have a nifty little chart to help you explore the cases: Tampa Bay Times Chart

Is it just me, or is Florida starting to resemble the Wild Wild West? And how frightening a thought is that a developed country? You know what I think? Anyone that approaches someone because they are annoyed, paranoid, scared or pissed off and then kills that person is a murderer. You shouldn’t be able to start a fight, then shoot when you get your ass kicked. Here’s a thought: DON’T START A FIGHT YOU WEAK BULLY!

I am absolutely disgusted at the benefits George Zimmerman received as a non-black, politically connected man…and the fact that he also received the benefit of “Stand Your Ground” only makes me more upset. With that being said, despite the bias shown in the instance of Trevor Dooley, I AM VERY HAPPY that the “Stand Your Ground” defense was rejected and he did not get off for killing David James!

When I first heard of this case, it sickened me. Trevor Dooley went outside and confronted David James, who was shooting the basketball with his daughter, about another kid that was using the basketball court while on a skateboard. Apparently Mr. Dooley didn’t like this. When it was all said and done, an altercation had taken place and Mr. Dooley had pulled a gun from his waistband and killed David James in front of his child.

How horrible is that?! This was some sick shit that could have been avoided and I’m glad that the jury was able to see that. It just breaks my heart to realize that, had the races of these men been flipped, Mr. Dooley probably would have went home. The “Stand Your Ground” law needs to be 20 feet under the ground!

I’d like to end with this: A very large percentage of the people in the state of Florida clearly need anger management.

In case you need some catching up on the ins and outs, here is The Stand Your Ground Law in its Entirety.

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  1. yes anger management indeed.However, what I don’t understand is why there are not women support groups for the Marissa being that it is about domestic violence and things you know.

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