Thursday’s Blurbs …

I tried out Pokémon GO this week. After walking around the office for a few minutes, I decided I’d rather not be unemployed. Yall enjoy that though!

Speaking of Pokémon GO, as cute as the experience is, I can’t help but find the premise flawed. We are already drones to our phones, walking around aimlessly, bumping into things and not paying attention. We do that just to check text messages. People have fallen off cliffs or hurt themselves. Now, who decided this state of being should be a GAME?! And then, they didn’t even consult Google Maps! Got freaking Pokestops in the middle of traffic. Come on Nintendo. Yall can afford to do better.

In my perfect world, not a single black person shows up at the GOP Convention to protest. Look, they want Trump and he’s won the nomination. Your signs won’t change that, so accept it. Stay your ass at home. Do not go out there and get blamed for every problem that pops up. Don’t show up at the GOP Convention, show up at the POLLS!

Since 2002, Philando Castille had been pulled over 52 times. Many of the charges against him was dismissed. Marinate on that. 52 times. He’s not even a felon. Actually, he didn’t have a criminal record. #BlackLivesMatter

Speaking of black lives, yesterday made one year since Sandra Bland died. I can’t even bring myself to say her name. These names hurt.

But on a happier note, I appreciate people who post baby pictures daily, IF they’re relating their actual experience. Some folks are just on socia media sharing captions of a perfect life. There’s something special about a person who admits they’re exhausted and their baby is a sleep stealing monster. Keep sharing reality please, because my single ass goes to bed okay with what I don’t have because of it. That may be my life one day, but not today, so I’m going to sleep peacefully instead of lamenting my lack of a family. 

That reminds me of something I tell myself daily: “Do not covet that which you don’t have.” Basically, when I see somebody with a better job or car, I turn my ahead until I can look back with a smile. Even on my haterest of hater days, I MAKE myself happy for them. Shit, I don’t know their life. Maybe that job has them on Xanax. Maybe they’re barely making the car note … or maybe not. Maybe, that life is just as awesome and better than mine as I assumed. But so what. It ain’t my life and I didn’t put in work for it. I focus on me and what I can do for myself. Believe me when I tell you; You ain’t ever gone have shit paying more attention to everybody but yourself.

Happy Thursday!

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