Thursday’s Blurbs … The Flummox Edition

Some things in this life just flummox me. Things like:



Toilet Design. I have Squatty Potty’s in all of my bathrooms. It has changed my life. Why in the world are toilets still designed the same? Like, who is the guy in charge of the toilet companies that’s saying, “Skip what we’ve learned about the colon, toilets aren’t going to change!!!”

Overweight vegetarians. I will give you a pass if you just started a year ago, but five years later, I have to ask what’s happening. What in the hell are you putting in your broccoli dish?! And why in the world would anyone give up burgers and bacon if they weren’t going to get skinny?



That I purchased a $3,000 Rainbow vacuum cleaner, named it Myrtle, then took two days to figure out I was a damn idiot. Yes, you heard that right. I bought a $3,000 vacuum cleaner and felt great about it. Fortunately,one of my best friends lives with me and cursed me out like I wasn’t a child of God, then made me start the return process. It wasn’t until I actually mailed the paperwork off that it clicked in my mind that she’d saved my ass. How I ever justified using a down payment for a car on a vacuum cleaner, I will never know. The love for gadgets is strong in this one.

Adults, raised in the South, that don’t know how to drive. For reasons that I don’t quite understand, Southern states full of terrible infrastructure and urban sprawl are famous for not extending their public transportation options. The state of Georgia acts like Marta expansion will bring about the end of days. Naturally, I’ve somehow begun to date a woman that doesn’t know how to drive. She uses public transportation and Uber and somehow manages to work two jobs. That, in itself, is admirable. However, the fact that she’s never considered she might end up in a position where she has to drive is puzzling. I’m now trying to find time in my schedule to teach her. She’s got, “we’re in an emergency situation and she can’t take the wheel” written all over her.

The reports that journalists are dropping out after the Trump win. I can’t wrap my mind around why journalism is about to suffer because Trump will be president. Like, don’t journalists report the truth? As such, tell the truth, step up your fact checking game and get credible sources. You know … do your damn job. PROPERLY.

Just sayin.

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