I Encountered Pure Ridiculousness on My Dating Profile


Let me say this first: I have met amazing women on Plenty of Fish. I have gone on to be good friends with them. Some I have dated, and while it didn’t work out, I have absolutely no regrets. They are fantastic women.

With that being said, most of the time you just encounter pure fuckery. I’ve attached a picture of what may be the briefest, dumbest exchange I’ve had on Plenty of Fish this year. I try my best to remain classy and positive when encountering stupidity, but let me tell you, this idiocy made me consider deleting my account. I have deleted her name and blurred her photo. While I feel bad for anyone that encounters her, I don’t feel it’s my place to put her on blast.

Sidenote: This woman lives in Pinellas county. *sigh*

Backstory: On my POF profile, I’ve written that I will not write anyone back that sends me a one word message. This woman contacted me last month and was ignored for doing just that. She then decided to contact me again this month. I was disgusted and figured I’d send her a heads up that she should start reading. After she became belligerent, I did my best to counsel her, in the hopes that my advice might keep her from assaulting anyone else with her fuckery. I pray it helps.


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