Tuesday’s Blurbs …

Tuesday’s Blurbs …

I’m a firm believer in voting. Even after some of you finish your “it’s all rigged anyway” argument, I still want to know why you didn’t vote. My argument is, “so what if it is rigged?” Nothing will change the fact that blacks, and all people, have AND still die and fight for the right to vote. Too often, having a voice is a not a right, but a privilege. So whether or not you believe your voice can be a deciding factor, I still think you owe it to your ancestors to cast a ballot whenever you can. Voting is a first world problem I can get behind.

As such, I took my first world problems right into the church this morning and cast my vote. Last night, I spent a few hours reading up on candidates, looking up articles about the election, and printing information to cross reference. It was tiresome and confusing at times. Unlike the presidential election, state and local elections don’t elicit much fanfare. You have to do some work to find out who’s representing you when their campaign budgets are thousands instead of millions. Money really makes the world go round. Anyways, by the time I arrived to vote, I had my sample ballot, a printout of endorsed candidates from Georgia Equality, and a printed stack of questionnaires from candidates running. I referenced my printouts as I made my decisions, even changing a few of my votes at the last second. I imagine I looked crazy as hell!

President-elect Barack Obama waves as he takes the stage at his election night party in Chicago's Grant Park, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

President-elect Barack Obama waves as he takes the stage at his election night party in Chicago’s Grant Park, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

The only person I recall talking to about voting when I was growing up was my grandma. She prioritized it, though I only recall her zeal being directed at the presidential elections. That woman loved her some Bill Clinton. Anyways, her love of politics stayed with me and I’ve always tried to be “in the know.” As a matter of fact, one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve ever had happened during the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in. I’d just left my home state of Michigan and requested my absentee ballot too late to return it in time. From that day forward, I was never mad at George W. Bush again, because I hadn’t done my part to kick him out of office. I was ready during my second presidential election though, and I proudly stood in line to cast my ballot for Barack Obama. I can still remember recall thinking he wouldn’t have a chance of becoming president. Shows how much I knew!

GA2009Even as I spout poetic about voting, I have to admit I didn’t always prioritize it. I was young and my life hadn’t settled enough for me to take it seriously. Other than voting for President Barack Obama and a few local elections, I have not been consistent. However, I’m currently 32 years old and I own a house, so suddenly, EVERYTHING matters. There’s nothing like having a mortgage to make you start paying detailed attention to the world around you. I see everything these days. Most recent Google search: “Arborists in Decatur.” Yes, it’s that serious. These days, I’m not just part of my local community, I have a stake in ownership, so it’s time to pay attention. I don’t think I’ll ever miss an election again.

You can vote until 7 p.m.. Get out and state your dang opinion … go vote!

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