Tuesday’s Blurbs …

I am not shocked by Ben Carson’s speech. You shouldn’t be either. He agreed to run the Housing and Urban Development department, but his expertise is medicine. When was the last time you sought out your doctor’s advice to buy a house? And before we all jump on the “Ben Carson is stupid” train, lets remember he’s a famed neurosurgeon. It’s not a hoax. He performed amazing surgery. So, instead of insulting his intelligence, how about we just accept what he’s been telling us from the very beginning: He gives ZERO FUCKS. When somebody tells you who they are, believe them.

Speaking of Ben Carson, the tweet above may be the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Dear lord, I almost cried real tears when I read it.

Before I get vocal about a complaint, I ask myself what it says about me. Sometimes your problems reveal everything you’re doing wrong to yourself. Remember that a finger pointed at someone else leaves three fingers pointed back at you. Put profoundly by a very wise woman (Bah’Dori Oyanna): Be a mirror. In layman’s terms: You are what you eat boo. Start eating something else or admit you like trash. Ain’t no shame in it. You’ll change when you’re ready.

I did a biometric screening to get my numbers today. They came back the usual awesome. The nurse smiled at me and said “this is good.” I smiled back and gave my usual reply: “Thanks! I know, I’m just obese.” Being overweight has made me uniquely aware of people’s perception of me. I never speak to a doctor without saying, “Will you treat the symptoms and not my weight?” So often, people perceive you to be something based upon your looks. It doesn’t matter how much “never judge a book by its cover,” is repeated in popular culture, it still happens. I’m not here to champion being overweight, nor will I make a statement on what weight is doing to anyone else. I can only speak for myself … and I am not sick. BITCH!

Speaking of perception, I’m finding it’s something you have little control over unless you’re hyper vigilant about everything you say, because the minute you open your mouth someone is forming an opinion. You can’t help how people feel about you. That’s their issue … or jealousy. Personally, I only pay my therapist to help me work out how I feel about myself. I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. Non-paying my bills ass BITCH!

People are assuming I’ve seen “Get Out,” but I haven’t. I just don’t care for horror or “edge of your seat” movies. It doesn’t matter how “woke” it is (I’m not exactly sleep over here) or how many times I say I’m going to see it, I probably won’t. One of my besties is plotting to take me, but I’m plotting not to let her! I want to see “Logan.” Shoot.

Happy Tuesday!

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