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As a child, I experienced some of my best naps when an adult put on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This past weekend, my niece and I went to see the movie in 3D. Midway through, we were both sound asleep and didn’t awaken until the movie was almost over. After it went off, a few people in the theater clapped. My niece looked as confused as I was that anyone had enjoyed it. Walking to the car, she looked over at me said, “TiTi, we should not have saw that!” I couldn’t have agreed more. I don’t know why I listened to the internet. That cartoon was boring then, and the movie is boring now. Special effects can’t fix the lamest love story ever told.

While Beauty and the Beast bored us to tears, I was happy to be the first to take my niece to a 3D movie. The experience wasn’t lost on her either. She commented on how exciting it was that I’d taken her to her very first movie (Dreamwork’s Home) and now something in 3D. As she was talking, it hit me that she was officially at the age where you begin making memories. She’s growing up so fast. I feel like I need to cherish every moment, even if it means wearing those stupid, miniature 3D glasses over my own frames.

Speaking of memories, my niece and I had an action packed weekend. One of the things we did was visit the park. After she played on the jungle gym, she decided to use the sidewalk chalk. I always think I’m too cool and fat to have my big ass on the ground, but two minutes in, I was laying on the concrete with her. I left the park covered in chalk with the biggest smile on my face. Art is life.

The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren (screen grab) from Rawstory.com

On a less happy note, unfortunately, I do not think we’ve seen the last of Tomi Lahren, however I do hope she’ll come back singing a different tune. This mess with The Blaze has the potential to be the perfect wake-up call. She’s done everything right with the GOP. She played the role of the opinionated, brash, offensive, unapologetic, sexy conservative women to perfection, but the minute she had the nerve to speak on conservative hypocrisy and claim rights to her own body, they sacked her. Perhaps she’s finally feeling as terrible as she’s made other’s feel with her racist, hateful rhetoric. See, God don’t like ugly .. and he aint too fond of pretty either.

Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports

I like Colin Kaepernick. Not because of football, but because of activism. It’s been hard not to get angry about his situation in the NFL. You see a young man doing peaceful protests and putting his face and money to causes he believes in (many of them racially motivated), followed by articles and comments dismissing him, and it’s hard not to take it personal. It’s hard not to think about race. With that being said, I do think that emotion is driving most of the conversation, instead of fact. Today, I read this article on ESPN that puts his situation in a more unbiased light. When I take a moment to breathe and not feel so angry about how he’s villainized by a portion of the country, I’m then able to agree. I mean, even I’ve admitted I’m not a fan of his football playing. Hmm.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I think that anyone who has ever stood up in a crowd to speak out about the hypocrisy and injustice in The USA has always been villianized and called un-American and even a communist. People like in1968 Olympics Tommie Smith, John Carlos, MLK Jr, James Brown and The Black Panthers. No one ever sees the “Big Picture” in going against the grain until years later when we are righting the wrongs. Kap is a better human being than a football player and that is a fact!

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