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Lil Duval. A grown ass man calls himself that. Have you ever heard him speak? Did you really have higher expectations? And he made his comments on the Breakfast Club. So basically, an ignorant person said something ignorant on an ignorant show. I know why you’re mad … but why you made though?! If you ask me, there IS something scarier than his comments, and that’s getting to a place where there’s no existing forum for people like him to speak. We shouldn’t silence oppressors and pretend we’re safe. We are not. People agree with this fool. They FEEL him. Let us never get comfortable. So no, I’m not interested in a boycott. I don’t believe you should allow machinations to take place in the dark. Keep letting stupid people speak … and start listening to them and believing them!

Speaking of Lil Duval’s comment, have any of you marveled at how ridiculous it was? This man said he might want to kill someone for deceiving him. Using his logic, April Fool’s Day ought to be the damn purge. Using his logic, the next time a man tells you he has a job and he’s lying, you’ve maybe got the right to shoot his dick off. Using his logic, the next time a kid denies taking a cookie out of a jar, you’ve maybe got the right to fuck that kid up!

Like, seriously, that guy is one stupid muthafucka. And if you ever hear someone agreeing with him, you’ll know you’re in the presence of another stupid muthafucka. Run! Run from the stupid muthafuckas. And don’t tell em no lies!

I’ve got a job interview tomorrow. Over the computer. I roll my eyes when I think about it. I’ve been interviewing for two years. The only offer extended, I turned down. So basically, I’ve spent the better part of two years being rejected. Man. Why do I even try?!

I’ll tell you why I try. BECAUSE I’M THE SHIT! Rejection does not define me. Neither does acceptance. Shaquea defines Shaquea. As far as I’m concerned, they have just missed out on MAGNIFICENCE. The bitches didn’t deserve me. And I guarantee you none of them were gonna pay me enough anyway. My whole career has been a settle. Everybody owe me for the time I had all this deliciousness in their office being underpaid.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Anthony Scaramucci. I don’t even need to say anything else. Bruh. STUPID. The world is full of stupid shit.

So don’t let anybody tell you something is wrong with you … even if you are stupid. Hell, stupid run the world. On Twitter. It’s the smart people that ought to be damn worried. I need to step my dumb up.

Happy hump day. I aint humpin shit. Seems like ever since I got into therapy, my coochie been drier than the Sahara dessert. That’s probably for the best though. Dating aint nothin but wading through the stupid.

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