Wednesday Blurbs… Jan 2, 2013


While I was no fan of 2012, I am very happy with the lessons I learned. Hell, I screwed up so many things, I can’t help but feel smarter in 2013!

Mo and I refused to leave the house on New Years Eve. South Tampa is full of people that buy fireworks and shoot guns on celebratory occasions. Given that most people are pretty damn stupid, we felt it best to minimize our exposure to firepower. Today’s TBT has a story on a woman that got hit by a falling bullet. Clearly, we brought in the New Year smart.

Speaking of the TBT, another story is running about people that have large jail spending accounts. Apparently the writer thinks it’s unfair for criminals to have money in their accounts because taxpayers pay for their jail stay. Of all the things wrong with jails and prisons in America, this fool chose to talk about how many packets of ramen noodles criminals can buy. *Blank Stare*

I was happy to hear that with the passing of the fiscal cliff deal, taxes will not be raised on people that make over $200,000, as our President originally intended, but instead on people that make over $400,000. My journey from a poor background to a lower middle class one has taught me that what you “think” is a lot of money, usually is not. I remember believing I’d be set if I could get a 35k salary out of college. Fast forward to my 35k salary, a used car, student loans and an apartment later….35k was not hitting it. It’s easy to call on high taxes for large earners, but perhaps some of us are so damn broke we really have no concept of what a lot of money is. Put simply: We can’t tax our store managers like we tax Donald Trump. $200,000 is not a lot of money, it’s just more than our broke asses have! Stop hating!

I was just reading about Hilary Clinton and they mentioned that her age is 65. I didn’t even realize she was getting that old. I still remember the first time I saw her on tv. Damn! And then that got me to thinking about my age and I realized that I’m turning 29 this year. I’m almost 30. I’m getting old too. Double Damn! And then I remembered all of the goals I had by age 30, some of which haven’t been reached. Triple Damn! To make matters worse, I then realized that some of those goals WON’T be reached. Quadruple Damn! Goodness…I’m a veritable fucking water source over here.

If I don’t believe anything else, I believe that once change begins, it cannot be stopped. For instance: Most folks salaries have not gone up and yet, the price of food, health insurance and tax rates have increased exponentially. Now, how is this country this economically distressed and yet a Republican couldn’t take the presidency? Lack of forward change within their parties power base, that’s how! We must all understand that change waits for no man or woman. Ask yourself: Am I changing? Am I evolving? If the answer is no, you’d damn for sure better jump on the band wagon, because this country is moving forward with or without you.

Happy New Year Indeed.