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gabbyEver since that Amber Rose interview with Rev. Run and Tyrese surfaced, I’ve read disparaging comment after disparaging comment … from black women. We’re so busy regurgitating “hoe rhetoric” we can’t even see how illogical it is. Let me tell you, the war on rape culture will never get anywhere if women don’t even support themselves. Sometimes, I think the black community is absolutely doomed. Then I remember my ass is black. O_o

Did you hear about the Talcum powder case? Apparently talc-based products are linked to cancer. Johnson and Johnson has made billions exposing vaginas and breasts to cancer, but the award was only 72 million. I suppose we’re lucky they even had to pay. If you’ve got some of that expensive crap in your house, toss it and research some natural products. I promise, you won’t miss it. All it ever did was ruin black laundry, leave clumps in your bra and throw your vagina PH balance out of whack. Or maybe that was just me. O_o

I just read a really good article on the Nevada primary. It quotes a Republican that wants to vote for Donald Trump. Though he identifies as Republican, and has a voting record that says he’d be a Cruz supporter, he also doesn’t care about abortion or gay marriage or the war on drugs. To him, Donald Trump seems better than the bible thumping, ultra conservative Cruz and he’s interested in a different kind of Republican. As I read this, I couldn’t help but think of my own plight as a Democrat. I rarely agree with my candidates, but I’m even less interested in Republicans, so a Democrat gets my vote anyway. He and I are kind of in the same boat, if on different sides. I truly believe Moderates have a strong base in America, but as we all know, it is the extremists who cause the most noise. Until we get a candidate that can excite AND organize those in the middle, that guy and I will remain on opposite sides of the boat … and Trump will continue to exploit that gap all the way to the White House.

Have you seen the Damn Daniel snapchat? After it went off, I just stared at the computer puzzled. Can’t say I get what the fuss is about. I may be a Millennial on paper, but sometimes I feel more closely aligned with the Gen-X crew than I care to admit. Then again, even Ellen got it. Maybe it’s just my lame ass.

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