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beetsThis morning I had to get my niece off to school. When it was all said and done, I was sweating, my niece’s hair was flying out of her two ponytails, we lost an extra five minutes on the clock because I had to give her a tutorial on beets and beet juice (random, I know),  AND she was almost an hour late. As I sped towards her school, eating my Chick-n-Mini’s from Chick-fil-A, it occurred to me that I didn’t even give a damn about their stance towards gay people. I was just glad I could afford to feed the kid something other than McDonalds. As she climbed out of the car and ran into the school, all I could do was smile. She hadn’t finished her Chick-n-Mini’s or orange juice. I demolished her leftovers with glee. Some good came from this shit-tastic morning after all … yep, never having kids. I hear you universe!

I know you’re not expecting a picture of her from this morning. DO I SOUND LIKE I HAD TIME TO TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE?! Enjoy the image of beets instead.

anxietyHave you seen this before and after picture of the woman that had a panic attack? It’s trending on Facebook right now. I’m always glad to see a conversation on mental illness, even if I’m rolling my eyes that it involves selfies. Our country NEEDS to erase the stigma around mental illness. Let’s not even do it for the mentally ill, let’s do it for the people that have to DEAL with the mentally ill. People like me, who have spent their whole life dealing with, fighting with, avoiding, being scared of, running from, or ill-advisedly trying to help family members with mental illness. I am exhausted and tired. I find myself struggling to remember the disease as the grievances and strikes against me pile up. Those who love these people often suffer just as much. We have to do something about this. DO IT FOR SHAQ DIESEL!

hillaryAm I the only one that feels annoyed that so much attention is being paid to the Democratic electoral process now that Hillary Clinton is running? Whether you believe this proces is or isn’t corrupt, I can’t help but feel like it took a vagina being on the stage for anyone to make a fuss. The world is so critical of women. I often think, no matter how far we come, women will always have the short end of the stick. Which means black women are screwed, which means I’m screwed, which means … aww fuck it!

cruzI’d give good money to hear Ted start calling himself Rafael. Come on Rafael, say your name! Stop avoiding who you are! After all, you don’t hear me crying when people call me “Sha-QUAY” instead of “Shaquea.” Own your ethnicity dude! Of course, if he owned it, then he’d have to admit some of the things he says does a great disservice to it. Here’s hoping we’ll finally reach a day when people won’t have to white wash themselves in order to be successful. Seems like, it’s only “okay” to be different at home. And that’s too bad, because different is cool.

arnoldandkid2I just read a headline that said, “Picture shows resemblance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and son.” Yes, you read that right. A son looks like his father. This is the state of online journalism. Clearly, anybody can find a job writing (or poaching) articles



Do you read VSB ( No? Well, click below and start following them on Facebook right now! I especially encourage white people to read. You will become super racially aware without ever having to ask your black friends uncomfortable questions. Plus, it’s just freaking hilarious.vsb

Happy hump day! I wish I was humping, but I can’t, because my girlfriend lives in another state, which makes me sometimes feel like dumpin her. Then I get over it, because one day soon … we will hump again. And that sentence, folks, is why I’ll never write any place but this blog!




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