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I was standing in the Philadelphia Airport when I first heard about the attacks in Istanbul. Not long after, my flight was delayed. As I sat around, nearly touching people because so many were delayed, it occurred to me how vulnerable we all were. Does anyone really believe the TSA can protect us? I was selected to be patted down because I forgot to take my laptop out of my carry-on bag. As I stood there with my arms up, I couldn’t help but think about how much time was being wasted feeling me up. The type of people who want to hurt others aren’t as careless as me. They’re not stupid. They won’t get caught unless they want to be. The reality is, we aren’t safe. Luckily, my boss is well aware of my anxiety and as I started babbling about Istanbul, she leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, we will be fine. If you want some attention, you blow up New York, not Philadelphia.” It was a nice moment of levity. I needed that … but I’m not stupid enough to believe it’s true. Bad things happen everywhere. Father, protect me and those I love.


Whoever took this picture did an excellent job. If anyone knows, feel free to email me their name!

I was practically in tears yesterday as I watched Sports Center’s coverage on Pat Summit yesterday. If I didn’t have to check out of the hotel for meetings, I’d have probably watched it all morning. What an illustrious career. She made women’s college basketball relevant. She is a legend. There is no way to quantify the loss, especially if you’re a true sports fan. May she rest in paradise. And may women’s basketball continue to flourish without her presence.

Word on the street is that the Social Security fund will be empty by 2034. That’s 18 years from now. I’ll be 50 years old. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old and I’ve paid into that fund ever since. At age 50, I won’t be eligible for Social Security. I’ll just have paid for it. I’m waiting to hear what Trump and Clinton say about this situation. If we don’t do something now, we’ll be screwed then.

I truly believe Donald Trump is our Brexit. And he absolutely has a chance to be our president. It would be wise to start preparing for that possibility. Don’t you agree?

This is City Hall in Philadelphia. I just stood outside and stared at it in awe. There are some beautiful places in our country. There really are. Photo:

The two days I spent in Philadelphia on business taught me a lot about myself and where I’m going. I asked myself some tough questions and came back with some tough responses. When you are on the cusp of change, every experience will provide lessons for what is to come. I am ready.

This Wednesday is sad, but I’m a survivor and I’ll keep moving forward. Ya’ll be safe out there!

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