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MarShawn McCarrel II | Copyright: Facebook

MarShawn McCarrel did more for people in his short life that some of us will ever do. But compassion and empathy comes with a hefty price tag on the soul. Rest in peace brother. #BlackLivesMatter

Bernie Sanders took the Democratic New Hampshire primary. I know Hillary’s drawls ain’t touching her nowhere! I still don’t buy that Bernie can win in the general election, but hell, I didn’t think President Obama had a chance either. Life can be so sweet when I’m wrong.

Gas is so cheap, I’m almost afraid to buy it. There’s gotta be a catch! What’s the catch?!

Did you hear about the unarmed, naked teenager that was killed by police in Austin? I can’t bring myself to read the story. It’s a sad day when teenagers die, whether they deserve it or not. If the children are our future in America, these days don’t bode well for tomorrow.

Daredevil-NetflixMy mom and stepdad are visiting. Last night, I finally hooked up Netflix in the guest room. They don’t have Netflix, so they thought it was “so cool.” Since even my stepdad has heard about the show Daredevil, I decided to put it on for them. I figured they’d nod off to it, like they do everything on tv. This morning, I walked into the room to say good morning and it went like this:

Stepdad (wide awake): Hey KeKe!!!
Mom (wide awake, eyes wide open like an owl): It sure is light outside, what time is it?!
Me (laughing): It’s 7 a.m. What time did you think it was?
Mom (looking shocked): Oh my God! It’s so early. We haven’t been to sleep.”
Me (twice as shocked): What?! Why have you been up all night?!
Mom (pointing at tv): We couldn’t stop watching. It’s so good!

I swear, yall could have knocked me over with a feather! I stared at the tv and they were on episode 8. I’m talking about, these people requests movies and then I watch them alone, but somehow, they stayed up ALL night watching Daredevil. Man, now that’s just good tv. Go ahead #Netflix. You the real MVP.

When it comes to racism, I feel like you have three sets of white people: Those that get it, those that don’t, and those that don’t give a shit. Obviously, those that get it are outnumbered. The older I get, the less this distresses me. I don’t think you can really change it, nor do I believe it’s required. The world is big enough for our prejudices (toward each other, not the environment). We just have to find a way to respect each other’s differences. And we need the right leader to remind everyone how important it is to get along, and how easier life is when we check our prejudice at the door.

Get thee behind me devil! I’m trying to have a good day!

Yesterday, I did lunch with a coworker at Joey D’s Oak Room. She pulled out her company credit card and that was all she wrote! A thick garlic steak (Best I’ve ever had in a restaurant, take that Capital Grille!), croissants, green beans and a Caesar salad. Heaven on earth. For FREE!

NiahDrawingMy niece drew me a picture and gave it to me in bed yesterday morning. This morning, I found it and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that kid so much. With her bad ass.

Happy Hump Day! Are you humping? Don’t worry about what I’m doing!

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