Whitney Houston Was Laid To Rest

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That was an incredible funeral service. I watched the whole thing with no regret. You know how black people do! But you know…3 hours is nothing in the end, for anyone you love, including an icon. The last moments were heart wrenching for me. Watching Whitney’s mother behind the casket broke my heart. Parents shouldn’t bury children. Especially not to “I will always love you.”

My final thoughts:

  1. Life is short. Enjoy it and the people who enjoy you.
  2. If you have anyone in your life that was on drugs and have survived it, take a moment out to forget about the bitterness they left behind…and just be grateful they’re alive. My mother was one of those people. Unlike Bobbi Kristina, I still have her.
  3. You don’t need pills to be okay.
  4. Before you marry anyone, make sure you equally yoked.

R.I.P Whitney Houston. I will always love your music.