Why Can’t We Compliment Beautiful People?


Have you seen California’s Attorney General? Well, she’s hot. She’s damn near 50 years old and looks like this (You go girl!). President Obama knows and supports her. And when he gave a speech about how awesome, accomplished and intelligent she was at a Democratic fundraiser, he also happened to mention that she was good looking.

Then, every other person in America shit a brick and said he was being sexist.

I find it sad that we can’t compliment people, especially women who happen to work very hard on their appearance. Women stress over their figures, buy make-up by the pound and spend millions of dollars on haircare, beauty products and clothes, all so they can look good. And then when it’s all said and done, if men give them a compliment for it, it’s sexist and takes away from their natural abilities? REALLY?!

I know sexism exists. I know women are still fighting for equal pay and equal opportunity. I know this. But being overly sensitive is not going to get us any closer to equal anything. There is a difference between a sexist pig and a man that notices you look nice. It is not always sexual harassment when someone says you’re pretty. How sad is that we live in a world where we can’t tell the difference?

And even more sad: The fact that anyone would think Kamala Harris being attractive is automatically the reason she’s been able to accomplish the things she has. Or that those accomplishments mean less because someone compliments her.

I know plenty of pretty girls who, to put it plainly, “Aint got shit.” I wonder how everybody screaming sexism would justify their lack of accomplishment.

Here’s an opinion piece I read on CNN.com. I think this writer hits it on the head:


Funny Note: My bestie came to the house as I was writing this. I had the photo of Kamala Harris loaded on the computer. First thing she said upon seeing the photo: “Oh, she’s pretty!”

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