Why You Should Pay Attention to the News


Check out these idiots! Joshua and Sharyn Hakken decided to kidnap their children from their legal guardians and run off to Cuba. I guess no one told them that the relationship between Cuba and America isn’t as bad as it once was. Now, I’m not saying we’re buddies or anything…but at least Cuban Americans can visit the country.

But here’s the main reason why these people are DUMB AS HELL:

Back in 2000, The Elian Gonzalez story gripped the nation. His mother escaped from Cuba with him and headed for the United States. He survived the trip, but she did not. His relatives in America fought hard to keep him in the country. Cuban Americans were all over television and talk about the U.S. relationship with the Castro regime literally seized every national news outlets. There were vehement arguments, on both sides, for why Elian should either return to Cuba or stay in the U.S. Ultimately, he was sent home. Attorney General Janet Reno sent in the dang militia for this kid!


Now even then, 13 years ago, before President Obama had arrived in the White House and initiated a policy of engagement with Cuba…we STILL sent a child back to his country and rightful legal guardian. So what made these fools think they wouldn’t end up back here?! I mean, they weren’t even there long. CNN found the dad on a boat dock and then they were on a plane. These cats never even got a chance to eat some Arroz con pollo. Tragic.

People, reading and being knowledgeable about current events is fundamentally important. At the least, take a visit to Wikipedia every now and then.

I think they ought to go to prison for utter stupidity. Which is just sad, because they’re both engineers. Clearly, there’s some intelligence here.

Funny tidbit: The boat they escaped to Cuba on was called “Salty”. I bet they’re feeling extra salty now! (For my white readers, Salty is an urban reference that can refer to screwing something up.)

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