Wine + Stun Gun = Courage


Ever been hit by a stun gun? Well, after a few bottles of wine and an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, me and my homies decided it was worth trying out. I blame ratchet tv.

And so when my buddy Sheree (also one of my main homeskillets, my voice of reason, my writing coach and founder of the open mic I help co-host, Oral Fixation) got it in her mind she could take the hit, I was ready for it!

The nonsense below ensued. Oh and…

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t drink wine with a stun gun around.

PS: Excuse the cursing. Fear makes you curse!

PSS: My awesome homie also happens to write books when she’s not being stunned. Check out her site and purchase a book!

8 thoughts on “Wine + Stun Gun = Courage

    • Hahahaha! Yeah, we’re a mess! And yeah, she made it look easy. But I was so careful, she didn’t get much of it. Overall though, I think our drunk asses needed to sit down somewhere. Lol, my grandma cursed me the hell out for this mess!

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