Wrights Gourmet Deli


I have the Bachelors Brunch pressed sandwich. It has bacon, jalapeños, jarlsberg cheese and sliced egg. Some of my favorite things on bread. You cannot go wrong with this!

I also have the pesto pasta salad, which I do not recommend. It was one of the few items I’ve ever gotten from Wrights and didn’t enjoy. No worries, there are many other side options to choose from!

And if you don’t want this sandwich, you also can’t go wrong with the Paris sandwich. Mmmhmm!

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Wright’s! They just do all the right things with sandwiches. Plus, they’re cupcakes and cakes are too die for. I still think their carrot cake is the best (and most fat and decadent) I’ve ever had.

Prepare to spend about $12-20, depending on whether you just get a sandwich, side and drink, or opt to also add in dessert and tip.


  • This place is SUPER popular. Be prepared for a long line at lunch. If you can go before the lunch rush or after, I recommend it.
  • Wright’s closes early. At like 4pm. It’s definitely an early eating spot.
  • The part of Wright’s where you eat at is small. If you have a large party, there’s a possibility you won’t be able to gather enough tables together. When you go, have a second place you can eat in mind (possibly a park), just in case.