The Best Early Birthday Celebration, EVER!


 I’ll never be able to thank Julie enough! She made age 29 start out with a bang!

I don’t even know where to begin. Was it the delicious food at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe that made the day so special? I’m talking appetizers, entree and dessert! Or maybe it was the copious amounts of wine. I’m talking bottles. Or maybe it was when the Jazz band played “Happy Birthday” for me and we danced. Scratch that…It was the gifts! A bag full of wonderful presents that showcased where I am and how I’m thinking at this point in my life. I damn near cried at the table. (Unfortunately, I was so excited to get into the bag, I forgot to get a picture.)

But then again, there was something incredibly special about drunkenly dancing in Blue Martini past 2 a.m. And you have to love a cab driver that will stop at 7 Eleven so you can buy more wine. Ultimately though, the best part has to be the moment when you’re sitting with a final glass of wine, on the couch next to your friend, at 3 a.m. and realize that it’s Thursday, not Friday and you have to go to work.

I drove home on cloud nine, singing “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers at the top of my lungs. (That cd was in the gift bag. Score!)

Truly, it was a great night. It even justifies the fact that, right now, I am dreaming about being home, buried under the blankets with Goody powder residue all over my sheets. Sweet baby Jesus. I am SO hungover.

All I want for my birthday is a big booty aspirin!

  • Note: The dessert you see is the “King Killer” at Ella’s. It’s a peanut butter chimichanga sundae with candied pecans, fresh fruit, whipped cream and chocolate and vanilla ice cream. FAT SHIT!!!