You Can’t “Pray the Gay” Away

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Remember John Paulk? He was pretty darn famous from around 1995 to 2000 as an ex-gay movement advocate. That pesky, hateful little organization Focus on the Family had this guy all over the airwaves. He wrote books about conversion therapy and “praying away the gay.” He was the ultimate poster boy for going straight…that is until he got caught in a gay bar. Then he was removed from all his leadership positions with the organization and faded away into the background with his ex-lesbian wife.

Did you buy his books? Smack yoself!

Anyways, I think all of the gay people who didn’t hate themselves were pretty content never seeing his face again. Unfortunately, he’s back. Fortunately, he’s finally being honest and has renounced his ex-gay past and issued a formal apology for the harm his actions caused gays and lesbians during his time promoting Focus on the Family’s ex-gay ministry.

In Laymen’s Terms: John now admits he’s gay and that reparative therapy only harms people.

 Tell us something we don’t know John!

I had to be about 12 years old the first time I saw him on television. I recall thinking he was full of crap. Given that I didn’t come out as a lesbian until I was 16 years old in 2000, that’s saying something. Even as a child, I always rejected the idea of people pedaling self-rejection. This idea that the best way to “fix someone” is to make them ashamed of something they can’t help is just fundamentally flawed.

You heard it here first: Lack of self-love and acceptance is the NUMBER ONE reason people are so fucked up. That needs to go on a t-shirt!

john paul ex-gay Clearly and sadly, no one seems to have told John Paulk this (recent photo to the right). Which is probably why it took some 20 years for John and his wife to keep it real. They’re now getting a divorce. That’s a long time to be lying to yourself!

Check out the Newsweek cover (to the right) of the most uncomfortable looking ex-gay couple ever. Now scroll back up and take another look at his book covers. Did you ever buy it? He looked a hell of a lot more gay when he was straight than he does now! Haha! Life’s irony!john paulk newsweek ex-gay gay hate

If you’re curious about the letter he wrote, click this link and read it:

Now all we need is Donnie McClurkin to join the party and it’ll be an ex-gay extravaganza! I got my eye on you Donnie! We fall gay…but we get up…gay! And that’s okay!!!

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