You Know It’s Hard Out Here for the Fat People!


Well, this was either gonna happen in Florida or Texas. For once though, I’m glad the stupidity is not coming from my state. It’s clearly legal discrimination. I don’t care what the law says. Sometimes the law is wrong, biased, misguided, racist and/or discriminatory. I’m sure we can find a few instances in history where we’ve discovered that.

What is wrong with the world that we can’t help but find somebody with an imperfection to pick on? You can’t be ethnic. You can’t be poor. You can’t be gay. And now you can’t be fat. Seriously?

You may not like how a person looks, but if they are qualified for a job, you hire them. Period. You don’t deny a person a job because they’re fat. You deny them the job because they can’t pass the test. You deny them the job because they can’t do it. As far as I’m concerned, the only employer that should ever be allowed this type discriminatory ability is the Armed Forces. No use getting mad about that. Most of ya’ll skinny folks never make it in either.

And I refuse to even have a conversation about how all of the fat people are driving up health care costs. I have met plenty sick people and none of them fit any particular profile. Athletes drop dead. Fat people drop dead. Some never smoke a cigarette and get lung cancer. Some start smoking in their teens and live to be 80 years old. Some fat people are diabetic, have high cholesterol and are lucky to see 30. Some skinny people fit the same profile. And then you have people who are 60, been fat their whole lives and have never seen a surgical table. And don’t get me started on BMI. Two people can weigh the same amount, be the same height and look completely different. You can’t point the finger at a particular group, nor can you demonize them, ESPECIALLY when you don’t know their struggle. If you’re struggling to lose 10 pounds for summer, what makes you think someone else can drop 150 pounds for summer? If being skinny was easy, I think we’d all choose to be it.

And before any health nut hits me up with an opinion about how I’m championing obesity, I’m not. I do not believe the whole world should be overweight. However, if you have not experienced the struggle with weight loss, I doubt you can tell me what it means. And even if you have, my story is not yours. My current life situation is not yours. My genetic makeup is not yours. My history is not yours. So unless you plan on sending the world back to Africa in the 1500′s or creating a famine in the U.S., I’m not sure how you intend to make us all skinny. Bullying isn’t going to work. If we’re to fix the obesity epidemic, it’s not going to happen by pointing the finger at people and accusing them of wanting to be the size of a building. This problem is a hell of a lot bigger than self control. You can’t quit food.

We really ought to leave judging to God, because human beings are just too damn biased. I hope someone fires my fat ass. I’m taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. And I’m going to WIN. Discriminatory BITCHES!!!

Read the fuckery below:

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